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Rules & Results

The Rules

The Results

Inspired by the Conditional Design Manifesto, this project broke down my design methodology and process into a systematic approach. How can I create a series of instructions to develop multiple results and alternatives for a poster? Ideally, these rules would create an engaging and clear experience but also a create space that encouraged variability and the unexpected in a series of poster outcomes.
Conditional Design
User Experience

16x20 inch poster
Set in FreightSans Pro

Early thumbnails

We were asked to create two posters: The Rules and the Results. During our production and iteration process, we continued to move back and between the two, crafting parameters, enacting them, and evaluating our results. At the end, when our ruleset was finalized, we needed to exchange our rules with a partner and generate a Results poster using only the rules.

I needed to be extremely clear and direct with my rules and account for every single step of my process when designing the output. I wanted to craft a poster set using my ruleset that held visual similarities, but also one with room for variability so each poster could stand on its own.

Because of these considerations, I had to understand the variability of my rules. How much did I want to change across the posters? How could I structure my rules in a way to preserve the identity of the set? These were all considerations that I payed attention to during my process. 

Notes from critique

An iteration of the rules poster with user feedback notes

The Final Set