Kevin He — Work

Emotions As Data

A 2-week-long data collection project comparing the emotional data of an introvert (my friend) and an extrovert (myself). I collected different swatches representative of the moods we felt when we were with friends vs. without friends and designed the information as a poster.

Data Visualization

22x34 inch poster
Set in Brandon Grotesque

Data was recorded at hourly intervals for two weeks between two people.
Above is a sample day of data collection that I noted down during Fall Break.
Do note that this was before I decided to focus down onto two people.

My intent for this project was to create a visual that spoke more about the whole rather than the individual units. I wanted my viewers to understand, graphically, the differences in moods for an extrovert and an introvert when considering whether they were with or without friends. I decided upon using color as a point of interest to communicate how certain colors represent tonal shifts in moods, and showcase how we interpret certain colors as a means to convey our emotions.

This project introduced me to the world of information design from designers like Giorgia Lupi, Stefanie Posavec, and Mona Chalabi. I analyzed the 150+ data points and visualized them to convey a sense of intimacy through vibrant colors that spanned different emotional states

I needed to test my information processing and how I handled large quantities of information at once. I chose to analyze and visualize my data into a system that humanized the data and gave insight into our complex feelings by showcasing them as spot colors that we feel on a daily basis.
Finalized illustrator data set

Initial Thumbnailing

 Analysis of my data & potential narratives

Notes about color distributions