Kevin He — Work
Senior Art Director & Visual Designer with a focus on digital interactions, health care, and creative concepting.

I believe that design should always be in service of others so that our work can humanize the information in people’s lives.


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Republic Discord Server Renovation

The new look and brand direction for Republic’s renovated Discord server, reflective of the intersection of Republic’s crypto advisory and retail investor/founder communities in a new shared space.

Color and visual style were inherited from both Republic’s Retail and Crypto brands since the renovated Discord presented a space where investors, founders, connectors, and advisors could all co-exist.

Worked with key business stakeholders in marketing and design to push the visual and concept to a more compelling narrative and style to ultimately drive new investor growth and user retention by increasing interaction and engagement in the Discord server.

Unblur the World of HFpEF

An unbranded ad concept for healthcare professionals showcasing the differences in knowledge between two similar yet vastly different types of heart failure.

Echocardiograms (a core diagnosis tool for heart failure) and the static grain in them served as the main form of inspiration behind the concept and blur texture.

Directed the creative from its brief and through the presentation to the client’s global marketing team. Refined and tweaked the concept in market research where it resonated the strongest with cardiologists. Carried the overall creative out of concept and into development and deployment with a microsite, emails, facebook videos, and banner ads created off the initial concept.

Think HoFH Brochure

An unbranded informational leave-behind for healthcare professionals crafted to raise awareness around diagnosing HoFH in their patients.

The hexagonal, honeycomb-like molecular structure of cholesterol is used as a key design element for imagery, copy, and icons to help make the information more focused and engaging. Thin rules similar to arteries also run across the page, breaking apart information into digestable chunks

Pitched and won the rebranding opportunity to create a unified and modular design system for all the client’s unbranded print material.

Emotions As Data

A 2-week-long data collection project comparing the emotions of an introvert and an extrovert. Different swatches representative of the moods felt were collected, organized between whether they were with friends or without, and crafted into a poster.

Emotions are represented as the color spectrum to visualize how the range of our feeling can evoke a range of colors like a rainbow.