Kevin He — Work

Kevin He

Art Director & Visual Designer with a focus on interactions, pharmaceuticals, and creative concepting.


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Unblur the World of HFpEF

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HoFH Brochure

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An interactive web guide for parents to learn more about the potential positives of Minecraft. The site features the voices of authorities and children to convey both of their perspectives about the positive power of Minecraft in a unified way.

This project is the culmination of a semester-long independent study with user mapping, wireframes, prototypes, user-testing, content curation + writing, and finally hand-coding from scratch in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Emotions As Data

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A 2-week-long data collection and visualization project comparing the 150+ emotional data points of an introvert (my friend) and an extrovert (myself).

I collected different swatches representative of the moods we felt when we were with friends vs. without friends and designed the information as a poster focused more on the whole while preserving the qualitative value of each individual point.